Alexander Volkanovski breaks Chad Mendes down with pressure and technical striking.

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  1. Volk is understatedly good at closing the gap he throws a shot even if with a strong tight guard he doesn’t land it immediately close distance and catch u on the exit or catch a shot on the guard and return immediately or with a pause shows great patience and IQ

  2. The UFC’s most underrated guy. Casuals praise Kattar and Ortega for being warriors with Max and yet bash Volk in their battles because he had two close fights with him? Tf?-Tf?

  3. Now that Volkanovski proved to be a top P4P talent, this fight hurts less, but wow, I wish Chad had been more lucky with his matchmaking.

    He’s one of the top 5 most professional fighters ever at his IMO best, but he doesn’t compare his resume remotely.

  4. Before this fight….I recall when Michael Johnson was beaten by Elkins and maybe he had a 2 or 3 fight win streak. Then they confirmed that he and Volkanlvski had booked a fight. I was like *why would you play your winning streak like that?* Volk evidently steamrolled Elkins then went onto mended and aldo etc.

  5. Maybe it’s racism, because I’m an Aussie. Volk, however, is my favorite fighter to watch. The crisp strikes and kicks of the lead leg are a work of art. In addition, his combat IQ is almost out of this dimension. The love of seeing him and the zabit walk at it

  6. Body shots were never taken well by Chad. Not too bad for Matt Brown/Cowboy, but it was certainly a weak point.

    In this war, though, he did well. In the first one, Volkanovski got a shock, if I recall,

  7. I always enjoyed the battles between Aldo and Max, but I would love to see him in a match that would inspire him to carry out a similar game plan at some point in the future.

  8. Don’t think Volk is going to be aggressive with Ortega because he has some perfect timing and counters for Ortega. I suppose if he’s fighting someone like Zabit or Yair, we’ll see that he’s more violent. This Volk looks terrifying af

  9. This was a fight when I knew Alex was going to be a legitimate challenge to the belt, and when it was booked, I didn’t expect the fight to go this direction at all.

  10. He enjoys his style of high pressure. I think Ortega vs. him is an exciting fight. I would love to see Holloway move to 55 on a permanent basis, as well as

  11. I feel like the reason why not many people like volk is because most people were cheering for their opponents in his last 5 fight. Elkins was on an insane winning streak, Mendes had his last rally to try to get to the title, if he won, Aldo was going to get a title shot, so you’ve got max that’s self-explanatory. You must feel bad for him.

  12. The fight and Yan vs. Faber were strange. It was pretty sad to see these older guys demonstrate that they’re not as good as they used to be. However, this conflict was much less of a domination.

  13. For the City Kickboxing type, I feel like Alex is the poster boy. Izzy is obviously the most well-known member of that team, but Alex embodies the way they are taught and trained.

  14. In the first Holloway fight, I recall betting on Volk only because I was watching this fight alone and didn’t know anything else. He paid off, but that guy was a nailbiter.

  15. I recall that until the day of this fight, I had never heard of Volk and saw something about him suggesting that if he had any trouble beating Chad Mendes, then he might as well retire.

    That was everything I had to go in there, and that was nice shit.

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