Khamzat Chimaev Seems to Announce Retirement on Instagram

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  1. While I don’t believe he’s retired/will remain retired, I can’t help but wonder if his fight with Covid played a role in this decision.

  2. I’m wondering whether Covid’s lungs were impaired in the long run.

    Yeah, I just saw an image of him coughing up blood. He rose to notoriety as a result of his actions on battle island and on short notice during a pandemic. Looking back, it’s a shame that it could have cost him his work.

  3. Best case scenario is that this is a frustrating retirement, and that if he takes a year off to fully recover, he will be able to return. He’s still young, but you can never blame anyone for prioritizing their wellbeing. Best wishes to him.

  4. It’s tragic that so many people will suffer as a result of our inability to take this problem seriously enough. Many individuals are partly to blame for the proliferation of conspiracies and casual attitudes. I pity Khamzat, who definitely had the potential to be something special in the UFC; I hope he recovers and returns.

  5. Jesus Christ is the Son of God. This kid had the potential to be a major star.

    COVID is a scumbag. Taking people’s work without their consent.

  6. It’s heartbreaking, but not completely unexpected. Many professional athletes have suffered with the negative effects of covid. On a cardiovascular basis, too. After covid, at least four professional players in Portugal developed miocardic disorders, with three of them dying while playing.

  7. Due to low covid, you are most definitely not in a safe position right now. Hopefully, he will recover and then see how he feels.

  8. Right now, it’s a very perplexing situation. Khamzat has had a long and difficult battle with Covid, and he should not be thinking about fighting right now.

  9. Normally, I’d try to come up with a thoughtful answer to this post, but…


  10. That’s a daunting job. 26, 9-0 in MMA, with all of his wins coming by way of knockout.

    I’m wondering if this has something to do with deciding to leave USADA and take some COVID-recovery steroids or something.

    In any case, best wishes for his recovery.

  11. HOLY FUCK, HOLY FUCK, HOLY FUCK, This was just tweeted by Ariael!

    It’s crazy how Covid treats a big, strong young man like this.

  12. For certain people in our groups, fucktards like Schaub and Rogan laughing like COVID isn’t incredibly dangerous.

    Hopefully, Khamzat will take 3 to 4 months off to relax and recover. Then he’ll be able to determine if combat is still in the cards.

  13. Expect Joe Rogan to reveal on a podcast this week that he’s inviting Chimaev to stay at his place so he can use the sauna and eat elk meat to help him solve his health problems.

  14. “Covid just gets you bad if you put your body in jeopardy, do you know Michael Yo???” says Rogan.

    “Worship Jocko and Goggins, run your bodies to the bottom, stay on the grind 24/7, no cheat days, conquer your inner slut, alpha shit only guy, take drugs and PEDs, and so on,” Rogan says.

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