Dan Hardy statement after reports of being Fired from the UFC and BT Sport for an incident on fight island.

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  1. If this is what Dan is alluding to in this tweet, I’m not sure I’ll be interested in seeing him do fight breakdowns for the dinosaurs in Bellator…

  2. Dan’s breakdowns are just incredible. He’s a lot like Dave Chappelle’s sketch “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong,” but he prioritizes his ideals and pride over a career, which is admirable.

  3. I’m not sure why people don’t see the issue with a company employee making verbal arguments with officials/referees. I can’t say I feel sorry for him because he was told not to do it, and he apparently did it again. It was a bit of a blunder.

  4. I’m hoping things get straightened out and he’s honest about why he’s doing it. Yes, he may be doing something “in the name of MMA,” but it’s also possible that he’s using it as an excuse to be a bit of a jerk to some people.

  5. Dan has sound principles to which he adheres and feels things should be done a certain way. I’m not saying he’s right or wrong, and I’m not a huge fan of his. However, he seems to have the best interests of fighters at heart. But companies aren’t going to adjust like that.

  6. Is it true that being expelled from the UFC means he can no longer fight for them? It shouldn’t, since he’s an independent contractor for the UFC, right?

  7. So Dana may publicly chastise Yamasaki and Mazzagati and ban them for persistent bad stoppages, but Dana can’t call Herb Dean out for the same nonsense.

  8. “For fighting with a female employee,” he was fired. Men are no longer able to disagree with a woman??? My guess is that it was a lot more.

  9. Bellator, PFL, and other organizations should try to get an accurate account of what Dan said and ensure that it was simply a dispute and not anything unacceptable. If it comes back clean, he should be grabbed right away. His commentary isn’t my favorite, but he’d be a significant improvement for most promotions.

  10. Hardy irritates me because I believe his “muh values” mentality is phony, and he does it for publicity.

    It’s similar to Jon’s act of pretending to be a good Christian guy.

  11. Dan’s review is fantastic. The incident with the “stop the war” sign was egregiously unprofessional. I’m not one to defend Dana White, but if you get one of those, you’re done. Joe Rogan, Dan Hardy, or someone else can’t influence the outcome of fights. He made his own mistakes despite being warned and continuing to push the envelope.

  12. After the cageside ref incident last year, you can tell he’s been walking on eggshells. Though I admire his work, I believe he was planning to quit the UFC to fight again, most likely in a different organization.
    While the UFC was a big forum, I am confident that he will do well on his own. He simply needs a fantastic business partner or boss.

  13. The UFC’s commentary is rapidly deteriorating.

    It’s basically just Rogan and DC joking around about things unrelated to the war, with Jon Anik interrupting them with one of his five lines that he repeats in circles.

    Bisping is a cool dude.

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