Free Fight: Zhang Weili vs Joanna Jedrzejczyk | UFC 248

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  1. I can’t decide if this or Gastelum vs. Adensanya is the best fight I’ve ever seen live. The term “live” does not imply “in person.”

  2. Even though it would be a tough stretch, I believe the score for this fight could range from 5-0 Joana to 4-1 Weili.

    I believe the only clear round was 3, but I may be mistaken.

  3. My boy and I were both excited for Izzy and Yoel, but these two completely stole the show and left us both exhausted from the anticipation.

    Apart from the flash knockdown from Rose, Joanna seems to have a strong chin.

  4. Joanna is a fantastic athlete. She transformed the SW division into a death row. You can talk about her shittalking all you want, but her battles are still a show-stopper.

  5. Every time I watch this fight, I try to score it round by round, but I still get lost and the fight ends abruptly; it’s too much fun!

  6. I love it when the bout seems to be over and the audience begins to offer a standing ovation, and then Joanna lands a clean spinning back fist to top it all off.

    One of the greatest MMA fights of all time.

  7. At least two rounds were decided by a coin toss. Weili or JJ should have been the winner. JJ’s stock does not suffer as a result of this setback.

  8. When this fight first happened I rewatched it like 49 times illegally then a month later I watched it like 49 more times when it came out on fight pass. I still love it every single time

  9. Regardless of gender, one of my top five fights of all time

    Look at NNKP’s expression about 19:00 as he looks at JJ. For a split second, I was wide-eyed hahahah

    Just look at Robert Downey Jr., who is seated next to Dana.

  10. The Battle of the Year is a competition that takes place every year. Then came Adesanya vs. Romero, the worst fight of the year.

  11. I just watched it again. Initially, I thought it was 3-2 Zhang. On second viewing, I agree, but you can totally score up to four rounds for Joanna.

  12. This is a classic fight. The best female war ever, and it isn’t even competitive. From bell to bell, nothing but technological abuse.

    Rose should finish it as soon as possible because Zhang will be a buzzsaw if she doesn’t.

  13. One of the greatest fights of all time. It was also going into the fifth and Weili had more left in the tank, and Joanna seemed to have taken more damage at the end.

  14. This is a great example of what should have been a draw. Joanna looked like she was hit with a blunt object which I think steered the judges towards Zhang winning a few rounds, but holy hell did Zhang take some damage too. Looked like she had a busted jaw and nose afterwards

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