Conor McGregor on Khabib’s retirement.

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  1. What a jerk, lul. This was not a warrior, but a world-class weight cutter. Look at this knucklehead’s record against men in his natural weight class of 155 or 155’ers who aren’t cutting weight. That was a gimmick that wasn’t even close to the fighter Khabib was.

  2. I like how he makes a sly dig at Khabib for not going up a weight class, as if being washed up in two weight classes is preferable to being a GOAT in one.

  3. Conor ruined Dagestani MMA’s image by giving him a red panty night, and Khabib gave Conor his biggest pay-per-view, so they should all be partying together, drinking non-alcoholic beverages. How do you make so much money and yet be so resentful of your business mates, Proper 12?

  4. You can’t legally call anyone a ‘baby’ if they pound your butt into the ground for 20 minutes where I come from. They are, in truth, your legal parent.

  5. Many of the top responses to Dana’s tweet from last night were about Khabib’s fear of fighting Conor again.

    But the most amusing was “Conor has only suffered losses as a result of early stoppages. If you put a good ref in there like Mario Yamasaki, he’ll easily go unbeaten.”

  6. Keep it classy, Connor. You should have said something like, “I’m uncomfortable knowing you’re retiring and obviously better than me.”

  7. I’m sick of hearing about Khabib’s weight loss. The walking weight of other LW fighters is higher.

    All is focusing on Khabib’s weight-loss struggles, ignoring the fact that he had a fractured toe that prevented him from doing cardio.

  8. One is the All-Time Greatest Mixed Martial Artist, and the other is the All-Time Greatest PPV Draw. Both are extremely important indicators in this, as well as every other sport.

  9. In any given day, Lucky Charms will never beat the Bibs. During their war, his Nancy ass was even apologizing/begging for mercy in the ring. He’s lost all credibility and fears he’ll never regain it. Connor “it’s just business” McGregor is just talking nonsense because he expects Khabib to follow through with his promise and retire.

  10. Conor will never be able to forgive Khabib for the thrashing he received. No amount of money will be able to compensate him for the full reality check he received.

  11. For me, seeing Conor lose this fight would be the sweetest joy in MMA. I’m going to replay it again and again until the end of time.

  12. Conor’s whole act was ruined by Khabib. I’ll never forget McGregor standing up for himself like a bullying child and declaring, “It’s just business.” It was MMA’s version of “it’s just a joke, bro.”

    After that and the ass whooping, he can’t even talk shit and act superior.

  13. Conor is becoming increasingly irritating. When you’re screaming “it’s just business” in the middle of a war, the whole “he’s running scared” thing doesn’t function.

  14. This article has me perplexed. Is this a dig at Khabib’s decision to retire due to his weight loss?

    Here’s a video of Conor weighing in at 145 pounds:

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