Robert Whittaker complains about the lack skill and commitment in his ultimate fighter team

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  1. This is the one and only time I’ve ever heard Whittaker say something negative about anyone or something. If that’s the case, these guys must’ve been a nightmare to deal with.

  2. If Whittaker tells me to do something, I’m going to do it as soon as possible. It’ll be the stiffest of the stiff if he tells me to jab my grandmother.

  3. I think I’d throw myself off a cliff if Robert Whittaker said anything this hurtful about me; he’s so sweet, it makes it hurt even more.

  4. It’s telling that the only person on Rob’s team who listened and dedicated completely to his initiative was the winner and the only hope for the series going forward. Any people’s egotism smh

  5. It’s crazy because I believe most people in Whitaker’s place will feel extremely disrespected and would not want any of these spoiled babies on their squad. Rob seems to be far too good a person to say something right then and there, but the show is heavily edited, so who knows. You’re there to do a job; imagine quitting your job before lunch every day to take the day off.

  6. If he’s teaching me, I’m going to work until I puke, even if it’s only for 5 minutes, which is only only 2 minutes. I’m not a warrior in any way, but having the opportunity to practice with Bobby and feed off his enthusiasm and dedication would be legendary.

  7. That was the most stern interrogation I’ve ever seen Rob deliver. “Who are you, exactly? You’re nothing, no one; just shut up and do the exercises “…… Oh, no. Drill Sergeant Knuckles has entered the premises.

    When he said Fab was beating them in cardio, I laughed out loud.

  8. We all have that one mate, like Rob, who is super cool, sweet, and upbeat. If that buddy is berating you, you’d better pay attention.

  9. I’m not sure why anyone will be one hour late for a two-hour training session. And why is it just two hours? I’d expect it to be much longer.

  10. After challenging Rob’s training tactics and other stuff, some of the fighters expressed their displeasure in German interviews. It just goes to show the gap between a top dog’s dedication and that of up and comers, in my opinion.

  11. The 5km run was all it took to know that Whitaker is simply better. Okay, it was hot in Arizona, but Whitaker finished the race when Gastelum puked on the sidelines.

  12. You’re basically on TUF, with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to land a UFC contract based on a few wins.

    And these people just shrug it off and blame it on the training? These people are allegedly dreaming of becoming UFC champions and are receiving training from one.

    It doesn’t make any sense.

  13. Given that Volkanovski also appears on Fab’s podcast, often at the same time as Rob, I think it would be fascinating to see what experience he gained after this season of TUF. Whittaker came off as having had a bad time, so it’ll be fun to see if Volk feels the same way.

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