Ahead of their final event this Saturday, relive some of Reebok’s worst moments as kit supplier of the UFC

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  1. It’s curious how we handle women’s breasts, and it has little to do with Reebok’s failures. We’re watching a violent action sport aimed at an adult audience, but seeing a woman’s bare breast will totally *degrade* the experience.

    A flying knee can cave in a man’s frontal bone, which is fantastic. But for the love of God, don’t let the kids see nips!

  2. It’s crazy that a multibillion-dollar corporation might misspell an athlete’s name on their brand, particularly multiple times. When I’m just shitposting on Reddit, I double check to make sure I’ve spelled it correctly, but these amateurs can’t even double check the spelling on their expensive goods made for super stars and to be seen by millions.

  3. What a public relations catastrophe. The worst thing is that the fighters are paid poorly because there is only one sponsor who pays a flat and low fee.

  4. Wow, it’s clear that before signing the sponsorship deal with the UFC, Reebok had little regard for the sport or its athletes.

    Mistakes happen, however consistently using the wrong country photos or flags demonstrates a complete disregard for any semblance of professionalism.

  5. I agree with the NASCAR claim in some ways. However, I believe that reebok was a bad idea. It would have been interesting to see what individualized designs fighters would have worn instead, such as Cro Cop’s Croatian shorts, Tito’s fire, and so on.
    Consider what Mcgregor, Khabib, Holloway, and others should have worn instead.

  6. In fact, the UFC just wanted to have a monopoly on sponsorship money. They saw fighters getting money they weren’t entitled to and wanted to put a stop to it.

    A CBA does not provide for a uniform policy that the athletes are paid a pittance* for and then required to wear and comply with at all times.

  7. I actually like the new combat uniforms’ uniformity and color schemes. However, since they are unable to obtain sponsorships, the fighters must be paid significantly more, and the execution of all other aspects must increase. Hopefully, Nike or someone else will come up with a solution that is 100 times better. The UFC must ensure that the fighters receive a significant portion of the prize pool as well, although this is unlikely.

  8. Reebok not only screwed the warriors, but the quality and style of their gear was a joke. If they don’t let the fighters return to their original sponsors, Nike, Adidas, or Underarmour would be better choices.

  9. When they cut to a shot of the octagon covered in ads after mentioning Dana saying that fighters are beginning to look like Nascar drivers…..

    Is there any evidence that lesser-known fighters have made more money as a result of the Reebok contract than they would have made otherwise? Or are any of the UFC fighters being stomped on? This irritates me to no end.

  10. Unpopular opinion, but I like the Reebok uniforms’ simple uniformity style. The dark grey walkout shirts with black writing are my favorites. And I don’t mind not having a slew of obnoxious logos like I used to.

    However, the warriors were completely screwed over this contract and will be for the rest of their lives.

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