Jorge Masvidal seemingly taunting Usman for his fighting style

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  1. I’m annoyed that he’s having a rematch despite the fact that he hasn’t done anything since his UD defeat. I’m glad Usman will take this in a month and put a stop to Jorge’s nonsense.

    In the season, Usman could fight Colby or WB.

  2. Is it possible that Usman, in his haste to prove a point, gets himself into trouble by siding with Masvidal? Is anyone sure that she’ll just wrestle?

  3. Masvidal is the one who is to blame. Within the first 30 seconds, going for body kicks and then falling for a guillotine once Usman grabs your leg? Fighting IQ is terrible. Sprawl and brawlers like Iceman, Polish JJ, and Aldo didn’t complain about wrestlers; instead, they exploited their opponents’ weaknesses. Mas should follow suit and formulate his strategy accordingly, but I doubt he will.

  4. Jorge irritates me as well, but this is simply an effort to annoy Usman, and if Usman is even 5% more able to stand and trade with Jorge, it has served its purpose.

  5. It’s all gamesmanship and try to shame/discourage an adversary from using his best asset. Jorge has mentioned that he enjoys wrestling.

  6. If you had told me before the first fight that I would be cheering for Usman in the rematch, I would have laughed at you. However, here we are.

  7. Usman should be able to finish him off this time. I’m not sure why Dana kept on milking Masvidals’ hype when even the casuals could see that Mas had little in common with usman.

  8. Masvidal’s transformation from one of the coolest warriors to one of the most cringeworthy is truly fascinating.

    Was he always this way? Was it because of his political views that the public turned against him? Inquisitive minds must know!

  9. I like how he knows Usman is going to go for his crotch no matter what. ”Will Usman go for my crotch?” wasn’t the issue. ”Usman goes for my crotch in 2 minutes, over or under” was the caption.

  10. It doesn’t help the sport when athletes like Mcgregor and Jorge slam fighters who use wrestling, a facet of the game of which they have no respect, and their fandom eats it up.

  11. Mas’ nonsense has always perplexed me. This is MMA, not the backyard brawls he grew up with. Usman can, of course, use his power as a wrestler.

  12. I’m sure the purists on here would downvote me, but masvidal has a valid point. Holding others against the cage is not fighting; it is an attempt to stop a confrontation by manipulating the rules in order to win the competition. Usman would have to combat Jorge if he tries to silence him.

  13. Mas is someone I like, but he’s making himself look bad here. Go to boxing/kickboxing or toggle on UFC 4 and play stand and bang if he just wants to engage and bang it out.

  14. Anti-grappling remarks from fans, especially fighters, irritate me. This is mixed martial arts, not boxing. Wrestling is a form of mixed martial arts. If you don’t like it, find something else to do or watch.

  15. I can’t believe this guy used to be my favorite warrior a year ago; since then, he’s turned into a total political shill, and I say that as a right-winger. He’s turned into the polar opposite of a bmf. Coward who only fights for easy money.

  16. This time around, Kamaru is going to have a lot more followers, including myself.

    I’m not saying I bought it, but the Mas aura and hype are far smaller, and Kamaru has become much more marketable and exciting as a result.

  17. Masvidal will be humped, stomped, and beaten for 25 minutes unless Usman gets intoxicated and turns into Ben Askren in the Costa PPV main event.

  18. How fucking hilarious would it be if Masvidal wins the rematch lmfao, and it turns out it was Masvidal’s lack of full camp that decided the outcome the entire time?

    on the lookout for suicide

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