Aikido vs Brazilin jiu jitsu

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  1. The fact that the aikido man is a walking marshmallow doesn’t help matters. Even if the bald dude had no prior fighting experience, he would have prevailed.

  2. If you had two guys of identical build and training, things may have been different. The guy with the hair was completely devoid of any assets. The BJJ practitioner was all set to go. I like how the BJJ guy just kneels down to recharge while Tubby considers whether or not he is dead.

  3. That wasn’t jiu jitsu, and he was acting like a jerk. It’s clear that this man has a distorted view of his own strengths and ability to fight effectively. You don’t have to start blasting a guy because you know he can’t hurt you. That’s a scumbag pass.

  4. I’d like to pound his butt just once, like my coworker, for reminding everyone that if everyone knew aikido, no one will be a victim of mugging! FU

  5. I learned Aikido. I’d liken it to dance or yoga rather than a martial art. I liked it and it helped me be more flexible, but I’d never use it to combat anyone.

  6. I have to admit, there was a lot of venom coming from baldy. I believe it was a poor performance on his part, as this closet ninja is clearly not qualified and is just full of it. You can tell he’s watching youtube videos on how to do it just a second into the round. However, it makes me cringe.

  7. At a university, I took an Aikido class. The most important thing I learned in that class is that Aikido is the ideal martial art for people who are lazy, obese, and don’t want to do or learn something useful.

    At least, that was the tradition in my University class.

  8. I’m not sure how many of you wrestle on this subreddit, but the Akido dude was inches away from fracturing his elbow by extending his arm. But for straight up submission locks, the shit has claimed more weapons than anything else.

  9. The Aikido guy had actually brought students to watch him fight in the full film. After the battle, he said that the only reason he was having trouble was because he was only using basic forms or something. He said that if he had wanted to, he might have defeated the man using any of the other martial arts he knows.

  10. People from Mma are always modest. Show a great deal of respect. Never, ever, ever, ever act cocky…

    Unless some McDojo jerk claims to be able to channel chi. That guy isn’t getting any respect.

  11. They could have done the same thing for the smallest person in the gym. Nothing that compares to being smashed by someone half your size in an MMA/BJJ workout. Being an MMA fan should be a requirement.

    Edit – Interviews and full breakdown

  12. I’m not suggesting aikido is the safest way to fight, but this guy doesn’t even know the basics of movement, let alone how to catch a hand.

  13. It’s just a matter of finding a man who can fight versus one who can’t.

    This guy was finished after a single slap, regardless of whether he’d ever trained Jiu Jitsu before. This war may have gone to a sassy black woman.

  14. The war begins. The BJJ practitioner has his hands mostly up and is ready to fight.

    He knows what’s going on by the end and doesn’t even try to defend himself.

  15. That was a takedown and a leg kick. He was a striker and a wrestler. There was no BJJ practiced here. The guy does, however, suit the bjj stereotype, being bald with a beard and wearing a compression jacket.

  16. Aikido trainer puts his skills to the test against mma fighters, loses, and rethinks his approach to martial arts on the YouTube channel “Martial Arts Journey.” Acknowledges that aikido is inefficient and learns from it.

    It’s refreshing to see someone assess themselves and be completely frank with themselves. I think it’s fine.

  17. 1. The dude doesn’t look like he’s ever done any martial arts, is he a troll?
    2. As a fighter, I’m not familiar with MMA, but is the low kick and slap considered BJJ? I was hoping for a more ground-level video.

  18. In addition, he was mentally superior. He needed to take his lumps, but it would have been more effective if he had faced a smaller opponent.

  19. I’m not going to lie. When I was a child, I thought Akido was the best martial art… hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  20. In that video, there was absolutely no jiu jitsu.

    Anyway, this isn’t the way to deal with a jerk like that. You choose a 130-pound purple belt and tell him he can’t kick, but I can.

  21. And the bald dude has his hands down, so it’s not a struggle. He didn’t use any BJJ at all. Only basic kickboxing, wrist power, and a double leg takedown were used. Aikido guy could be defeated by someone with even the most basic preparation.

  22. This has nothing to do with the martial arts discipline being studied and *everything* to do with the fact that a shit-talking, unathletic LARPer is battling an actual competitor.

  23. Although I believe BJJ can defeat Aikido, I don’t believe this guy has a thorough understanding of the art. He didn’t seem to have any idea what he was doing.

  24. Hopefully, he’ll follow Rokas’ lead and use this as an opportunity to branch out from aikido into other martial arts.

    But he’s unlikely to do so. Rokas is the exception rather than the rule.

  25. What a dreadful video to share with that description. There is no aikido or bjj shown, no bragging, and these two men aren’t even well-trained. It’s like watching a high school football player battle an anime club member after school.

  26. I’m not defending this jerk, but this looks like a random dad battling a professional wrestler. Was he a true aikido practitioner?

  27. Come on, this was a nerd against a seasoned, educated, and physically fit opponent. It has little to do with aikido vs BJJ, despite being entertaining.

  28. I’m certain that Aikido is an excellent martial art to master. I’m not sure the guy knew anything about this situation. I despise the competitive nature of all martial arts. They’re all great for your fitness and a lot of fun, so choose the one that you enjoy the most.

    Do you think anyone wants to give me a roundhouse kick in the face while I’m wearing these? Put it out of your mind.

  30. Karate, aikido, nunchucks, jiu jitsu, and a few other Japanese words are among my skills. I think I’ll be able to handle this man.

  31. Although he is right that Aikido is superior to BJJ, he is not yet at the level needed. He should definitely seek proper instruction from Master Sensei Seagal, as well as probably adding some WingChun.

  32. This is what happens when you pit a young, powerful mixed martial artist against an elderly, out-of-shape bullshit artist.

    Equally fit opponents would be perfect, but aikido is nonsense, while bjj is not.

  33. I’m not familiar with Aikido, but was he doing it? He didn’t seem to have tried any other fighting style than “kid from middle school.”

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