Francis reflects on his childhood.

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  1. Francis, on the other hand, you’re a jerk. Currently, the top two baddest men on the planet, buddy.

    BTW, if you ever read this, I’m almost 30 years old, but I’m a complete knucklehead. I’m your guy if you ever want to watch cartoons, play kickball, or relive your childhood.

  2. What went wrong with the UFC’s marketing of this guy? With his life story and ability to gadoosh people on the head, he should be big all over the planet.

  3. Francis, I’m sorry. Exactly the same.

    But instead, I developed obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety, guy.

    Feels like a bad guy.

  4. I sympathize with Ngannou. Since that JRE episode, all the media seems to want to know about is his childhood. Just let the guy murk fools in harmony, bros.

  5. The reason for his establishment is that he wants children in his village to have a sense of purpose and to avoid the same unhappiness and problems that he experienced as a child. The man deserves our love.

  6. I can’t seem to get enough of this man. The UFC has done an excellent job of promoting him ahead of this fight.

    Particularly for someone as filthy as myself.


    Joe Rogan is in desperate need of counseling after that.

  8. This, y’all, is a fantastic example of why adoption is so wonderful. Sure, raising children is wonderful, but what’s really amazing is when one or more adults decide to make a difference in the life of a less fortunate child. Just a suggestion: if you’re financially secure, consider adoption and maybe save a life in the process.

  9. Francis is the one I want to win. It adds a lot of spice to HW. Stipe, Jones, and Francis are all involved. If Stipe wins, the situation will remain unchanged.

  10. Oh, Goddamn. It’s difficult not to root for him after hearing him on JRE and hearing quotes like this. I adore Stipe as well. Both are excellent people who fight for our amusement. What a fascinating world we live in.

  11. There’s something profoundly wrong with you if you despise this man. This man is modest and has spent his whole life working hard. Nothing but admiration. By the way, I adore Stipe as well….to here’s a great war, kid!

  12. Stipe should win by decision and retire after the fight. After that, Francis and Jon battle for the vacant strap, with Ngannou violently murdering Jon.

  13. Can we get Stipe to pledge to raise ngannou alongside his new child if he wins?

    That way, he could be a new father while still providing ngannou with the childhood he lacked.

    It seems to be a win-win situation.

  14. This is so touching, it makes me cry. Childhood trauma is as real as it comes, with roots so deep that few therapists can really “fix” it. I just have love for our soft-spoken knockout machine, and I hope Francis will find peace one day. I also admire him for being so honest about his pain; I believe that mental distress should be addressed more openly.

  15. Oh my god, the end of that is almost causing me to cry. That explains why he’s always expressing an interest in working with children.

  16. This is extremely in-depth. I haven’t faced anywhere near ngannou’s level of hardship, but when you feel like you’ve missed out on your childhood for some reason, it feels like something you can’t possibly make up for. It’s not a big deal, but it can be a mind fuck if you don’t confront it.

  17. I used to think of him as a naive young man who was hyped up by the people around him. His first fight with Stipe serves as a wake-up call, and he enjoys doing harm. After that, he felt uneasy around friendly people like Stipe, and he was perplexed as to why the man who knocked him out in the first fight was really a good guy. I’m glad he was able to recover after that.

  18. Francis speaks English fluently despite only acquiring it five years ago after learning many other languages. He strikes me as a shrewd jerk. Francis’ story should be the winner, in my opinion. I can’t help but support him.

  19. Stipe should win by decision and retire after the fight. After that, Francis and Jon battle for the vacant strap, with Ngannou violently murdering Jon.

    EDIT: I’d like to elaborate about why this is so great. On top of shutting down Jon Jones, it essentially removes him from the GOAT debate, gives Ngannou the belt, and gives Stipe the HW GOAT legacy.

  20. I’m cheering for stipe because I like him, but I also want Ngannou to win for the sake of the division; otherwise, nobody can get a shot at the title because Ngannou defeats anyone who isn’t called stipe.

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