Daniel Cormier gives Valentina Shevchenko a “skill for skill” edge over Amanda Nunes

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  1. She has never accomplished something half as spectacular as Nunes’ step up to 145 pounds and one-round KO of Cyborg.

    After doing fuck all for 5 rounds, she came the closest to making nune’s nose rise from her poonches. Nunes is the goat, there’s no relation.

  2. Amanda has a much better resume and all, but I’m not sure she’s better than Valentina. I’m not convinced Amanda won the second fight, and I’m not convinced she’d win a third.

  3. Many of the comments here miss the point. Despite the fact that Nunes is stronger and bigger, he believes Shevchenko has more technical ability. No one mentioned Nunes’ resume or legacy, except DC, who believes Nunes would win if they fight again because she won the first two fights and Nunes’ advantages will keep it that way in his view.

  4. I believe Shevchenko won the second fight, but the closeness of the scorecards has obscured the fact that it was a fairly dull contest. I’m not sure whether a third will be any different.

  5. I concur with him. Nunes has a size and strength advantage, but I believe Shevchenko has her beat in terms of overall technique.

    Also, take a look at the black belt tattoo; now you know why she covered it up.

  6. Since Nunes is so powerful, I believe people underestimate her technical abilities. Nunes also seems to be progressing at a quicker rate than Val.

    She just seems to be in a poor mood and begins to be gentle with others.

  7. I’m not sure why this needs to be mentioned. Cormier is much superior to Ngannou in terms of talent, but Ngannou is far larger and can easily defeat him. It’s strange because they’ve already fought twice, with Amanda coming out on top both times by decision without knocking Valentina out. As a result, I’m not sure if this review is even right.

  8. What exactly does Amanda need to do to get people to stop saying such nonsense? Amanda is the GOAT of the female mma world. She defeated all twice, including Valentina.

    DC is only being petty if he isn’t trying to generate any buzz.

  9. I think it’s strange that people don’t consider hitting hard as an ability or talent in throwing. It comes from stylistic choices on how to throw a punch and when to throw a punch, not necessarily from weight or musculature, particularly in light weight classes.

  10. Despite the fact that Shev is more talented and arguably won the second fight, I believe Nunes wins the trilogy. Since she’s grown so much since moving up, I believe her power will eventually work in her favor.

  11. “Shevchenko vs. Nunes, ‘Not Something I’m Thinking About,'” Dana, “Shevchenko vs. Nunes, ‘Not Something I’m Thinking About,”

    “By the end of the year, they’ll be fighting.”

  12. Pence for pence Shevchenko is superior, but Nunes is heavier.

    Personally, I believe Nunes’ divisions have a lower ability level than 115, where you have Joanna Wei Lei and Rose.

  13. Yes, indeed. However. You are the strongest because of the intensity of the rivalry and two victories over it.

    Having said that, I just wish Shev was a little bit bigger or had stronger challengers.

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