Dana: “I have an incredible relationship with Diego & I like him very much. Somehow, this creep (Fabia) got into Diego’s life & has been controlling him. The guy is batshit nuts.”

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  1. I’m sorry for Diego. Diego wasn’t married until he met Sensei Fabia, right? When Diego’s marriage ended, he went through some dark times, and this guy, Sensei Fabia, slithered into his life at a time when Diego was most vulnerable?

  2. Diego’s battle with Fabia undoubtedly cost him the last couple of paydays of his career. At the very least, there are some decent ones.
    Diego doesn’t seem to be particularly good with capital, but who knows? However, I’m sure he could have put those checks to good use in retirement.

  3. It’s sad to see how Fabia has effectively destroyed Diego’s career and life; Fabia is nothing more than a snake oil salesman. He’s taking advantage of a man who is most likely suffering from brain damage by destroying his marriage, his relationship with the UFC, and his entire training regimen at this stage.

  4. Dana is rarely right, but here we are. Fabia gives off strange creepy vibes while arguing with Matt Sera at breakfast and again with the commentators in the warrior. He speaks in a deceptive manner, often deflecting blame and saying things while claiming to be the victim. Such a phony butt with phony admiration and phony modesty.

  5. The saddest part is that Fabia’s friendship with Diego will lead him to believe this is a Dana assault on Sanchez. Fabia is completely insane when it comes to “the betrayal.”

  6. After three weeks of people yelling about Jake Paul, Joshua Fabia was the hero we needed to get everyone excited about a new MMA villain.

    On Triller, Joshua Fabia vs. Jake Paul is obviously the battle to watch right now.

    By hitting Jake with his Death Grip Stone Cold Stunner, Master Fabia will complete his redemption arc.

  7. I try not to read too much into it, but the video Sanchez posted on Instagram is heartbreaking. The way he stands there and lets his bf/coach speak for him, as if he were a kid, sends a strong message about their relationship’s hierarchy. Before it’s too late, I hope Diego notices this.

  8. For a headline, Dana White would quickly throw anyone under the bus. It’s sad that he praises Diego but is dissatisfied with where his life is taking him. Whatever you think of Dana, he tries to keep an eye out for the original warriors. Diego Sanchez won the first season of the Ultimate Fighter.

  9. Dana should make a contract offer to Fabia. Let’s see him compete if he’s such a master. I’d like to see this man beaten up and humiliated, but not in the way he likes it sexually.

  10. Dana White isn’t anyone I trust. But, as someone who has followed the sport for a long time, it seems that the UFC decided to treat Diego the same way they treated most of the old school fighters by allowing him to remain with the UFC and providing him with several chances to get back on track.

    They get rid of people they don’t want in a hurry.

  11. What Diego’s coach was talking about has me completely perplexed. Could anyone please clarify why he did this and what he was trying to accomplish by doing so?

  12. Diego is not blameless. And before Fabia, he’d been off the deep end for a while. Fabia, on the other hand, has driven his weirdness to the limit and is taking full advantage of him. This is a truly tragic circumstance.

  13. Do you believe Diego was told to do the Masvidal knee by Fabia or was it his own CTE brain trying to figure out a winning strategy?

  14. I recall Diego telling me about how he met this guy for the first time. It was after hours in a workout, and they went “all out.” It was quite homo-erotic, almost as if he was teasing the interviewers, but we know his mind no longer functions at that stage. I’m looking forward to the day when it’s revealed that they’re lovers.

  15. The only thing I know about this Fabia guy is that he asked Matt Serra for respect.

    Serra essentially advises him to f*** himself.

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