Diego Sanchez has, apparently, been released by the UFC

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  1. It’s extremely aggravating to see how everything turned out. When he demolished Mickey Gall while still holding Jacksonwink on his side, I was ecstatic for him. Then there was that fucking con artist who ruined both his fighting career and his relationship with the UFC.

  2. What his boss is doing to his future is the most insane nonsense I’ve ever seen in sports. Diego has been a member of the ufc for a long time, and to go out like this is insane.

  3. Fabia is a complete scumbag. In that video, he sounded like a teenager. Nonsensical claims, and he was more concerned with himself than Diego.

  4. I’m excited to see him complete his extended lobotomy in bare knuckle fc.

    He will complete the school of self-final awareness’s stage.

  5. To be honest, I’m not sure if I’m more concerned about Diego’s or Mike Perry’s future. Both have the potential to be a 30 for 30 episode, in my opinion.

    Tony Ferguson should be added to the list as an honorable mention.

  6. Diego, you weren’t a slave, brother; you were being paid to do something you enjoyed. That’s ridiculous.

    Apart from that, Diego put on some amazing fights for us. His legendary battle with Guida will go down in history as one of the greatest of all time. Guy was a one-of-a-kind person.

  7. We make jokes, but Joshua Fabia deserves a sincere fuck you. While pimping this school of nonsense, he squeezed every dime he could out of Diego. Who knows how much Diego suffered as a result of his lack of a legitimate coach.

  8. The school of self-awareness teachings have a surprising lack of self-awareness, and Fabia just fucked this man’s legacy and the rest of his future.

  9. Diego, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame and signed a five-fight contract less than two years ago, seemed like a lifer to me and was one of the guys who brought me into the sport.

    Fuck Joshua Fabia man, it’s sad to see how far he’s sunk.

  10. Is it known when his coach’s rant at Felde was captured on video?

    Is it fair to say he was pulled from the fight and cut because his coach had a go at UFC staff if it was registered before he was pulled?

    EDIT: This video is 7 months old.

  11. It’s impossible to blame. Diego’s future does not look promising. He’s not particularly intelligent, he lacks real-world experience, he’s fired a lot of bullets, he’s obviously a sensitive individual that can be easily exploited, and he’s definitely suffering from mental illness. I’m hoping I’m mistaken.

  12. It’s unlikely that Either of the current Bellator would be interested in him. He’ll most likely end up at BKFC, which is probably the last thing he wants at this stage in his life. But, based on his tweet, I’m sure he won’t be leaving anytime soon.

  13. He should be hired by the US military and sent on a mission to penetrate and overthrow North Korea.

    He’s mad enough to do it, doesn’t care about his own safety, and is insane enough that the US might simply say, “Hey, it’s some insane dude, nothing on our end.”

  14. I’ve been feeling awful for Diego lately. It’s scary, guy, the fucking weirdo he’s got with him. Diego seems to have been sucked into a cult, with strangeo taking over interviews and other nonsense. It irritates me.

  15. Diego has always been a favorite of mine. His war with Clay Guida turned me into a lifelong fan. It’s fucking awful to see where he’s at right now. Fabia, you’re a bug. Fuck you.

  16. One day before the IPO, man? If this becomes public knowledge, the entire stock could collapse, bringing the entire economy down with it.

  17. Since no one else has linked to it:

    This isn’t the original, which I couldn’t find, but this connection contains the entire footage of Fabia/fight Sanchez’s with the UFC commentary team and others, along with a brief introduction.

  18. I can’t imagine any promotion saying, “Gimme some of that,” after seeing Diego’s last few performances and his deteriorating mental state.

  19. Diego was my favorite fighter when I was younger.

    Seeing how easily he’s been used by that shitstain “coach” and what he’s become as a result… jeeze.

  20. “Grandma,” says the speaker. Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee “Fly like a bird!” exclaims the narrator. -Diego “Antonio Brown” (Diego “Antonio Brown” (Diego “Antonio ‘Sanchez’ is a

  21. That was bound to happen after he posted the humiliating Fabia video on Instagram today. I’ll always remember Diego for TUF 1 and all of the incredible moments he given over the years; it’s just a shame that he needed help but was brainwashed by that cultist Fabia.

  22. It’s extremely difficult to watch this. Dude was one of the first fighters I admired; the bravery he exuded at UFC 107 was like a true superhero to a 12-year-old me, and now I’m 22 and watching him squander his legacy.

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