Diego Sanchez talks getting cut from the UFC

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  1. The way that weirdo directs Diego to wave at the camera in the intro is so scary. As if he were a cult captive. He wants to get away from this guy as soon as possible.

    Edit: if it’s even that strange. My money is on him being the one.

  2. Diego makes sense, regardless of the strange boss. If the UFC wanted to restrict their liability for medical problems he had while working for them, now is the time to take what you can get and not sign anything.

  3. Since he demanded all of Diego’s medical records, the UFC is clearly concerned about his coach suing them for CTE. They’re doing Diego a favor by giving him a huge send-off battle at 100-100, but if anything looks fishy, a public corporation isn’t going to risk a CTE lawsuit.

  4. Diego’s camp has requested all of Diego’s previous medical history from the UFC. The UFC brass was scared shitless by this, as it sounded like Diego’s camp was planning for a lawsuit. As a result, the UFC charged him for the fight and then fired him.

  5. The UFC is concerned about a possible lawsuit… Diego CLEARLY HAS CTE… he’s had CTE for years… and releasing his medical reports would almost certainly reveal that the UFC was aware… this guy has significant brain injury and they let him battle. Dana and the UFC are now on FULL DAMAGE CONTROL… note, they’re a public company now…

  6. The UFC is looking for two ticks, one from the doctor and one from the boxer. The fighter did not offer it in this situation, so the war was called off.

  7. I’m not sure what he means when he says they’re trying to “get everything they can” after his ufc career. That may imply that they want to sue the UFC for long-term injury or something.

  8. This is really depressing to watch. I feel bad for the guy because he’s devoted his whole life to fighting in the UFC, and being cut before the fight is disappointing.

  9. Requesting his medicals now is akin to requesting a scanned copy of all your write-ups from your whole career on your last day.
    There’s only one reason you’d like them.
    Your employer will give you your last paycheck and order you to get out of here.

  10. So the UFC will pay him his show/win money as well as his venum sponsorship money, implying that they want him to stay on their good side and not do anything big against them. As solid as all of their waivers seem to be, an enraged judge and a few more brain-damaged athletes might easily launch a CTE class action lawsuit against them, which they would almost certainly lose.

  11. What I’m not sure about is how he’s being used by another guy. It’s not like it’s his girlfriend or wife; this is bizarre.

  12. Diego is the sheep in the story. I felt like I was seeing a frightened little boy behind those eyes as he displayed his school-aged intellect. I wish him all the best, but it’s time to put down the gloves and dive headfirst into the cult, exposing it from the inside.

  13. I can’t help but feel sorry for him, and it’s difficult to watch him suffer. A guy who is clearly going through a lot of difficulties and health issues.

  14. I can’t help but wonder if he doesn’t have a copy of anything already. I don’t care who pays, what the injury/treatment was, or when or when it occurred… people, keep your own records!!!
    I’m a physiologist, not a doctor, lawyer, or insurance salesperson. My recommendation is simply to alleviate the potential pain that would undoubtedly arise if you do not.

  15. “Diego, it’s just you and me against the universe. You can’t put your confidence in them. They’re all on a mission to assassinate you. But, buddy, don’t you have my back and I have yours? Yes, I agree. That’s right. We’ve got each other.”

  16. Isn’t this going to end with a murder-suicide? Man, I hope Diego finds peace while Fabia develops Lou Gehrig’s disease at the same time.

  17. If Diego’s account is right, I’m not sure how I feel about the situation any longer. Yes, his coach is insane, but I don’t like how they’re pressuring him to sign anything that may or may not be real.

  18. Many of the symptoms of CTE are present. Guy was a hero who paid a high price for his bravery, and now this leech is feeding on him.

  19. I’m perplexed; do people really believe that fishing for a CTE lawsuit is a natural thing to do? As if the UFC were to blame for CTE. I’m not sure I understand.

  20. Fabia’s Highlights “Because I am the same height as I was at 11, I am more aware of movement. But I’ve got six extra years in this body to figure out how it works. Others continue to grow, and they must continue to learn.”

  21. Is it possible that his “lawyer” is Fabia? Of course, the UFC would not accept a fighter who refuses to declare himself fit to compete.

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