Joshua Fabia answering a simple question about his background

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  1. You can tell this guy is a trained liar, and it’s easy to see how some gullible people might believe he knows anything.

  2. “I should have pinned more people but I was just too much of a traumatized savage,” says the narcissist, who can’t even tell the most powerful bullshit because he can’t stop himself from adding weird self-serving embellishments like, “I should have pinned more people but I was just too much of a traumatized savage.”

    If he said, “I’m just made different bro,” when asked for his qualifications, I’d believe him more.

  3. This guy’s mind is messed up. Diego had no right to make him clap his cheeks. Is Helen Yee a cyborg, by the way? She was completely devoid of personality.

  4. utters a tag “But I’m not a name dropper,” says the speaker, before launching into another name. This man is a complete scumbag.

  5. He’s a poor little boy. Since they went from 5’2″ to 6’5″ overnight, he believes big guys aren’t as good at basketball.

  6. “Joshua took on the role of physical therapy for his grandfather and helped him achieve an incredible **85% full recovery**.”

  7. I’m hoping that someone who knows Fabia will come forward to support or refute his claim. Is anyone familiar with him from Oregon, where he said in the video that he wrestled?

  8. So, in a nutshell, he has no prior martial arts training. What the hell happened to Diego that he got sucked in like this???

  9. The filibustering approach to responding. After a while, the interviewer either lost interest or forgot what they were asked.

  10. This guy obviously knows how to talk clearly and confidently, but all he says is nonsense, and he attempts to look smarter by not specifically answering questions. It reminds me of when I went on job interviews for jobs that were obviously not meant for me lol dude is a liar and Diego believes his phony intelligence is real…sad

  11. Did he really just launch his professional sports career by claiming to be a member of Christchurch, New Zealand’s first Kindergarten Rugby team?

  12. Fabia has obviously had way more experience with his 5’2 frame, making him the absolute favorite in a 3 point shootout against KD.

  13. I listened for 3 minutes, and the guy is all over the place and doesn’t seem to be making a point.

    One of those people who speaks with such phoniness that you can hear it in their voice. I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

  14. I looked up if there were any kids in Reno, Nevada who had their backs broken in wrestling championships… nothing came up. lmao

  15. I initially mistook it for a joke about this man taking advantage of Diego, but now I am convinced. This individual has the appearance of a cult leader.

  16. lmao This fucking jerk. Diego can’t just lie there. This man is a pathetic impersonator of a martial artist. He’d be at the top if this were the fake martial artist age.

    He can’t even give a straight answer to a question. He’s attempting to persuade people that he’s the real deal.

  17. I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish this video. Isn’t it possible for Diego’s family to try to get him away from this man? This genuinely looks like someone bullying a fragile person who isn’t thinking clearly, and seeing it happen feels like he’s trapped in an unhealthy relationship he can’t get out of.

  18. Rugby in kindergarten in New Zealand? My four-year-old daughter enjoys playing it. You must not tackle each other and must play barefoot. And any child, regardless of skill or retardation, can play.

    Please ignore the fact that he listed New Zealand on behalf of New Zealand.

  19. He simply said that because he is a midget who stopped developing at the age of 12, he knows his body better than anyone else. LMFAO Diego is in a bad way.

  20. This guy has a resemblance to L Ron Hubbard.
    “I’m not a name dropper,” she says.
    Also, is there a kindergarten rugby league? What really is going on here?

  21. Take a look at Diego’s incredible win/loss record after teaming up with this jerk. That should be enough to tell you about Fabian’s problems.

    Statistics don’t lie, and Sanchez’s career history is pointing to a harsh truth that no one except Sanchez can see.

    I’m closer to 50 than 40, and I’m confident that I will smash this Fabia scumbag like the pimple he is.

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