Lifetime training partner Suga Rashad pleading with Diego in the Instagram comments :(

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  1. Rashad is a nice person. When he was on a podcast and the other guests were making jokes about Diego and Fabia, he just looked down. It must be exasperating to watch anything like this happen.

  2. Suga deserves respect. But, as a certain Thug Rose superfan has told me, trying to reason with people who have already gone insane rarely works…

  3. It’s truly heartbreaking to see this in real time; Diego has contributed more to this sport than anyone else, and it all comes to an end like this; it shouldn’t.

  4. Again, what power does Fabia have over Diego? Diego isn’t that stupid, and Fabia isn’t charming or clever enough to hold someone’s mind hostage.

  5. To be honest, it’s difficult not to be saddened by Diego’s current situation. He’s given us some truly incredible moments, and he deserved a lot more than the people in charge of him.

  6. Rashad is the man, and it’s unfortunate that Diego was taken advantage of. At this point, I’m beginning to suspect that this man is his boyfriend, and that Diego is mesmerized by his antics.

  7. Diego needs assistance. Imagine an intervention staffed entirely by MMA assassins who just want the best for you. It may appear amusing on paper, but it is sweet and necessary.

  8. Rashad made a post on Instagram a few months ago about the Covid Vaccine and how it changes your DNA and makes you not human/have satanic DNA.

    The argument I’m saying is that over the last four years, he’s come off as more reasonable and levelheaded than Diego.

  9. It’s pretty disturbing to see him get taken advantage of like this, particularly when not only the general public, but even your close friends, are telling you he’s a liar. It’s heartbreaking to see.

  10. As a result of Rashad and the announcing team piling on Fabia last night, Diego is forced to either double down on the snake or start turning his brain back on. Hopefully, for his sake, the latter will happen, and he will be able to live a normal life once more.

  11. Take a look at what Fabia sells on his website, putting all of this nonsense aside.

    It’s a set of fucking nothing lessons and modules. His product details are nothing more than a jumble of open-ended holistic words put together and sold for $999.

    It appears to be the same as buying Scientology tier upgrades, except from a shirtless midget healecoach.

  12. Diego has a thing for guys like that. Wasn’t Diego the one who was snorting stevia and shite at the same time a long time ago?

  13. Rashad is one of my favorite warriors of all time. On TuF, he put the bully Rampage in his place, and then he put him in the cage. I also saw this video in which Ed Bassmaster plays the retarded character and Rashad is so kind to him. It’s unmistakably a genuine one.

  14. Diego posted this video about dionized water and how it can change the world – and how he is heavily investing in it – back in 2008 or so, and there was some shady guy in the background manipulating him to believe it.

  15. I’ve been listening to Rashad on Morning Kombat, and he’s very clear and insightful. He appears to be a respectable, kind, and intelligent person.

  16. I’m afraid that all of this pressure from everyone to drive Fabio out of Diego’s life would just encourage him to double down. The blunt method of “that guy is wrong, I’m right, you should listen to me” doesn’t work very well; instead, you must simply un-brainwash people. This guy has a knack for manipulating people.

  17. Rashad is providing sound advice, and that phone call was the worst example of a boss screwing up their own fighter I’ve ever heard.

  18. Let’s face it, Diego should have been cut long ago, like after the hellbow hell, and even before that, he hadn’t beaten a top ten fighter since 2009.

  19. These messages are in vain. Diego doesn’t even speak for himself anymore. He’s not running that IG that’s all Joshy boy.

  20. You should trust OG’s like Bisping and Rashad over a charlatan when they show you respect while trying to give you sound advice.

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