Diego Sanchez claims the UFC may try having him killed for speaking out against them.

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  1. I’m not sure what this guy is talking about anymore. With all of the movements he was making, his battles no longer made sense.

  2. Unfortunately, Diego’s banter does not surprise me. He’s never seemed right since his loss to Penn. It might even be before then…

  3. You didn’t do anything wrong for them to come after you like that, did you? It’s not like you did something illegal.

  4. This is so depressing, guy. I’m completely confused and being abused by someone else who is mentally ill. I hope he receives the assistance he needs in the future.

  5. I wouldn’t rule out Dana paying for someone’s death.
    However, YOU ARE NOT IMPORTANT ENOUGH IN YOUR OWN RIGHT. Diego is a man with many talents.

  6. This is no longer amusing. The “he’s fucking Fabian” memes aren’t nearly as funny as they once were. I believe Diego is suffering from serious mental health problems, and I sincerely hope he receives assistance as soon as possible.

  7. Diego should be more concerned about Fabia murdering him and then paradeing his body around like it’s a weekend at Bernie’s.

  8. Is there no one in Diego’s life who cares for him?

    I have to believe that Fabia’s recent insanity is the result of him pouring poison into his ear unchecked – where is Fabia’s sister, mother, wife, or friend asking him to slow down a little? Oh, no.

  9. Come on, Diego. We’ll all assume Fabia killed you for the insurance money if you die in mysterious circumstances, and we’ll all watch the Netflix documentary on the subject.

  10. I hope Diego is no longer sanctioned to fight. This level of disconnection from fact and paranoia appears to be a symptom of CTE.

  11. Since this erupted, I haven’t seen a single person come to Fabia’s defense. On Monday’s episode, it was great to see Ariel and DC tear him to shreds. Is there any precedent for MMA promotions banning cornerers like this?

  12. His lights are turned on, but no one is in the house. That, or he’s under a lot of duress to say something like this. His recent conduct has been odd, and now he thinks UFC goons are going to wack him? Something isn’t quite right here.

  13. If Diego believes the UFC is going to kill him, Chael, Tito, Cung Le, and fucking Diaz must be fucking masters at dodging assassins.

  14. I can’t help but believe that anything Diego says or is said to have said comes from Fabia.

    It reminds me of the crusty king in Lord of the Rings who becomes increasingly crumbly as a result of the slimy guy whispering in his ear all day. Sorry for bringing Lord of the Rings into MMA, but it was the first thing that came to mind.

  15. Diego should never have stopped doing cartwheels when he said yes. I sincerely hope he never changed his name to “the dream.” Why is that? You’re a nightmare to deal with! That’s a lot more interesting. Why are you so messed up!? What’s the deal?

  16. Diego and these strangeos meeting for the first time in a public restroom were far too on-the-nose for this sequence of events.

  17. I’m guessing something along these lines…

    Fabia: I’m Fabia, and I’m

    “They’re a bad business, Diego. You have no idea what they are capable of. They have billions of dollars and are capable of accomplishing something! They will assassinate you if you speak out! Stay with me, because I’m the only one who knows the truth! I’m the only one who can keep you safe from them!”

  18. I’m looking forward to the post-fight press conference.

    “Dana, Matt from the bloody elbow…how do you react to reports you’re planning to kill Diego Sanchez?”

  19. This Fabia guy reminds me a lot of Thierry Tilly’s story. Only some scumbag con artist attempting to turn this man against everyone in his life until he is fully dependent on him. This is heartbreaking to witness.

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