Diego Sanchez’ first interview since UFC split – SiriusXM’s MMA Today hosted by Anthony Smith and RJ Clifford

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  1. I believe this is the first time Diego has given an interview without Fabia by his side since before the Chiesa clash. If the first few minutes of the interview here are any indication, he’s always very faithful to him.

  2. He refers to the UFC as a monopoly for a reason. Is he unaware of the existence of Bellator? Is there only one football club? …and so on

  3. “Buy me out!” What do you think he was hoping to achieve by paying you to appear on stage – win money?
    This guy and the horse he rode in on are a joke.

  4. Diego claims he is scared for his life and that the UFC is planning to murder him by staging a car accident or overdosing. It’s a shame. The guy is in need of assistance.

  5. Diego bemoans the fact that he didn’t get his last UFC fight… who the fuck do you think is to blame for that, you moron?!

  6. Fabia toyed with Diego on the ground the first time they met and submitted him in under a minute, according to Diego, who, as he states in the video, is no slouch on the ground.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    Is it he:

    A) Lying B) Delusional and/or inaccurate recollection of the case
    C) Is it likely that he was captured by Fabia because his abilities had degraded so drastically?

  7. Imagine Diego and Fabia are telling the truth and have it registered, and then they go after the UFC.

    It will shock me more than Serra KOing GSP and Bisping KOing Rockhold multiplied by a million.

  8. I love how Anthony Smith kept a straight face during the interview but burst out laughing when Diego strongly argued that we live in a dystopic world of “revenge of the nerds.”

    Do you think I’m joking? Take a look for yourself:

  9. Everyone is making fun of Diego, but he has some valid points. The man had spent a week with Spencer Fisher and planned to enlist his support. Tell me if that period of time didn’t cause anyone to have deep confidence issues with the UFC.

  10. I’m sorry for Diego. This supposed legend was fed to young hungry wolves and was not taken seriously, there is truth to that. Regardless of how much of a con artist Fabia is, Diego is likely to believe that Fabia has his back, even though he has his own hidden agenda.

  11. @24 minutes he says he doesn’t like how he thanks God after beating another man. It’s probably the only time he’s made sense all interview.

  12. Consider how Diego would feel if he saw how the UFC handled Spencer Fisher, and how that would make him dislike the organization. Fabia is insane, and Diego appears to be in distress. That isn’t to say he isn’t right on certain points.

  13. Diego’s distress was audible and palpable in his voice. “This business guy has made me cry!” I’m so sorry for Diego 🙁

  14. I’m not going to lie. When Diego started talking about how he and Fabia weren’t gay, I laughed, but Smith and the co-host didn’t.

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