How do you feel Shields will transition? We’ve never seen a boxer of her caliber make the switch. Closest is Holm and she became a champ and top tier fighter.

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  1. They’re not going to bring her in with a major challenger, in my opinion.

    They’ll most certainly build her up and benefit from her celebrity and boxing achievements.

  2. Let’s face it, not all of these ladies have pro fighter stamina or experience, and let’s be honest, not all of them are knocking each other out. I believe she has a good chance in an octagon brawl if she can practice some grappling jui-jitsu defense.

  3. Someone like Shields is going to pick up the sport quickly, and I think you guys are going to be surprised when she says it’ll “take a long time to make things serviceable.”

    It’ll be fascinating to see how far she can push herself.

  4. She doesn’t have much strength, and it’ll take a long time for her ground game to be useful. Aside from Kayla Harrison, she’s in a weight class with no notable fighters, and I don’t see Shields ever being able to close the vast ability gap in that matchup to make it even a competitive battle.

  5. One thing will be the land game.

    I’m most interested in her striking defense in four-ounce gloves… she’s spent a lifetime behind boxing gloves.

  6. You’re posing the incorrect queries. Who would make a great transition from boxing to MMA, Clarissa Shields or Jake Shields? If they clashed, who would win? Is it possible for PFL to set this up? These are the genuine concerns.

  7. Why is it presumed that someone like Shields would have trash TDD, but it isn’t assumed for guys like Izzy who came from kickboxing?

  8. Let’s be honest, she might beat some strikers, but Kayla Harrison would simply judo throw her to the ground and pound her face into submission for a TKO.

  9. Who’s the closest? For years, Holm was the undisputed champion. Don’t be fooled by Shield’s multi-division victories; she won them mainly because they were vacant, and women’s boxing has yet to rebound from the absence of Ali and Wolfe. The blueprint is Holms, son.

  10. Who knows how she’ll fare, but I admire her commitment to doing things correctly. I’m sure the UFC would have offered her a good deal if she had agreed to fight a year earlier, but she’s been training for a while, taking it slowly and starting in the PFL to gain experience. She has real star potential if she can be good.

  11. It’ll be interesting because boxers can put on a lot of pressure and have a good understanding of range, but their stance and body mechanics don’t lend themselves to the current MMA meta. I wish her luck, and I hope to see some other professional boxers try their hand at MMA in the future.

  12. I believe she has a great chance to transition in women’s MMA if her career is well-managed and she respects and focuses on grappling. Women’s leg kicks are unlikely to stop her hands, but grappling could. However, I believe she is a strong athlete and can master it well enough to stop being taken down for the most part. I have high expectations for her.

  13. Conor, on the other hand, deserves credit for being able to make every circumstance about him while also slipping in a subtle dig at others.

  14. I think so. Her standup is immediately elite even if she’s not throwing leg kicks, or throwing them well. She’s a combat sports phenom unlike a Greg Hardy who had 0 experience fighting and has done decently well for himself. I think she’s going to be pretty good given her talent, her age, and the overall pool of talent in her weight class being horrible.

  15. Isn’t this the same woman who boasted of her ability to defeat any male boxer? Unless she’s been doing low-key wrestling and BJJ throughout her whole career, she’ll be dominated for 5 rounds or submitted.

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